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Dance Teacher Training Program

The professional dance teacher training program of Perform Art Studios, both specializing in Small Class Sizes, Individual Attention and Quality Training!
Our dance teacher training program strives to provide outstanding training to aspiring dance teachers. Through careful individual guidance, professional experience and skill development, students who attent our Dance Teacher Training Program are able to achieve their full potential to achieve a satisfying professional career in dance teaching.

Perfect for dancers right out of high school, dance professionals wishing to teach, as well as the mature student returning to dance.

Teaching Program

Perform Art Studios brings you this unique training program to bridge the gap between your studio training and a professional career in dance teaching.

The Dance Teacher Training Program at Perform Art Studios offers a variety of 32 hour educational modules perfect for teachers in training, who are completely new to the industry, as well well seasoned teachers looking for professional development. All modules include hands on, in studio mentoring, small group education classes and individual mentoring.

Module Options  
Lesson Planning and Learning Activities 
Duration: 32 hours 
Fee: $550.00 
Class Management and Child Developmental Levels 
Duration: 32 hours 
Fee: $550.00
The Business Of Dance Teaching
Duration: 32 hours 
Fee: $550.00
Musicality- Music For Teachers, Teaching Musicality & Performance
Duration: 32 hours 
Fee: $550.00

Frequently Asked Questions  
1. Do I need R.A.D or IDTA training to apply for this program?
No, students with equivalent training may apply.

2. What if I have previous qualifications or professional experience?
Accredited prior learning and experience will be assessed and may exempt you from a portion of study.

3. How flexible is the training?
We realize some students may need to work while studying. Our training can be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual student.

4. Why are teaching qualifications necessary?
In such an expanding field with jobs available internationally, qualifications are essential as well as an expectation of today’s dance teachers! Qualifications assure parents, students and schools that you have undergone the necessary training to competently teach students.

5.How do I register & join the program?
Enrolling students should contact Perform Art Studios. If we successfully accepted you into the Dance Teacher Training Program our registrar will confirm with you via telephone or email that your application has been successfully accepted & you are automatically registered into the program.

For more information please contact us:

download.jpg Registrar Perform Art Studios
123 Carrie Cates CT, #224, North Vancouver, B.C, Canada. V7M 3K7

(604) 988 4420
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.