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Perform art studio’s Jazz dance classes are pure energy!

Jazz Dance Class in ActionJazz dance is a forever-changing creative dance style representing the past & the future of "Pop" culture. Jazz dance can be seen everywhere from dance music videos on MTV to hit Broadway shows emphasizes on individual style, expression & improvisation! -As performed by many of todays dancers.

Jazz dance emphasizes individual style, expression and improvisation as noted in the many dancers today. The various styles of Jazz dance have grown from the emphasis on individual style and improvisation. Jazz dance emphasizes individual expression. Another benefit of learning Jazz is its direct connection to music & the performing arts. Jazz dance incorporating Modern Dance expresses the music whether, Pop, Blues, Jazz or Hip Hop.

Perform Art Studios Jass class students learn essential dance skills including body coordination, flexibility along with musicality, self expression & improvisational skills. Our classes are taught by dedicated, experienced and highly qualified dance teachers able to provide energy, expertise, enthusiasm & of course FUN!